Architectural wire mesh

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Architectural stainless meshes are a series of products suitable for decorating exterior building facades.

They offer real and uncompromising features for modern homes, buildings, hotels, shops and outdoor structures.

They give a modern and impressive line, while they upgrade the aesthetic and energy identity of the buildings as a whole, making them the first choice for every architect.

It is also an awesome solution for interior decoration in buildings and offices.

Mesh 4
Available in a large variety of forms and combinations, providing different grades of visibility and control of natural light.
Mesh 5Mesh 2Mesh 9


Internal Decoration

Architectural wire mesh is used in building facades, interior decorative applications, constructions of dividers and roofs.

Modern Aesthetic


Architectural wire mesh impresses with its noble appearance and at the same time meets the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.


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